Decadent collector that I am...

The other night Val and I wanted to see a movie so we checked out some of our DVDs.

Between homemade discs, boxed television series and plain old movies, our DVD collection is becoming so large I'm afraid that it will one day sink into the center of the earth. If Paul Mounts' collection sinks I know ours is not too far away. I should thin out my collection, maybe trade them in for new ones, but I like them all. Here are some of my favorite movies;
- The Simpsons Movie
- Minority Report
- Stealth (I've got a soft spot for talking airplanes)
- The Incredibles
- Payback (The new one with Mel)
- Hellboy 1 & 2
- Hulk (I like both but I lean more towards the Ang Lee version)
- Dark City
- I am Legend
- Sin City
- King Kong (I'll watch all three versions)
- Kill Bill 1 & 2
- The Bourne Movies (But the first remains the best)
- Godzilla (Any and all of them. Even the one with Ferris Bueller in it.)
- Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (Although these days I always wonder what Mr. Rooney has stashed in his desk drawer.)
- Predator (This movie is sooo much better than people give it credit for. I’ll usually stop for the sequel as well, but it pales compared to the first.)
- RoboCop (Always the first one in the series, most times the second one, and the third one only if no one else is in the room.)
- Nightmare Before Christmas
- Once Upon a Time in Mexico
- Iron Giant
- Life of Brian
- Mission Impossible 3
- Bocky 1-4
- Finding Nemo
- A Shot in the Dark (As well as any of the Pink Panther movies with Peter Sellers in them.)
- The Fifth Element (Bruce Willis doesn’t get more charming than here. My favorite dialogue exchange happens at the ticket counter. “We’re newlyweds. Just met. You know how it is. We bumped into each other, sparks happened…”“Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass.””Yes, she knows it’s a multipass. Anyway, we’re in love.”
- Independence Day (Yes, you read right, and no, I haven’t been drinking gasoline.)
-The Green Mile
- Resident Evil
- Moulin Rouge
- Terminator 1-3
- Stargate
- Nighmare Before Christmas
- Ronin (a great movie that never found the right audience)
- Pitch Black
- Near Dark
- Galaxy Quest
- Stuck On You
- Memento
- What's Up Tigerlily?
- Kung Pow
- Lord of the Rings (Any of the three but especially the third.)
- Star Wars (Any of the six, even with JarJar.)
- Smokey and the Bandit (This one worries me a tiny bit. But not much.)
- The Hustler (Newman + Gleason + Pool = Cool)
- The Great Escape
- The Conehead Movie (Once I gave it a chance I was hooked for life)
- Rocky (I’ll check out any of the first four, but the second one is my favorite and I’ll watch if from start to finish.)
- Sky Captain
- My Neighbor Totoro (as well as Kiki's Delivery Service)
- Fat City (It’s from the 70s and Stacy Keach plays a washed up boxer who tries for a comeback.)
- Planet of the Apes (I’ll take a peek at any of them, but only stay for the first one.)
- The Cincinnati Kid (Steve McQueen burns up the screen, and Ann-Margret is so damn sexy she practically leaves puddles of lust behind wherever she goes.)
- Fail-Safe
- Dr. Strangelove
- Disney's Beauty and the Beast
- Flight of the Phoenix (I’ll stop and watch the remake as well.)
- When Worlds Collide (Great concept, pretty good execution, not much cheese.)
- Alien (All of them. Even Alien Vs. Predator.)
- The Omega Man (I wish it were on right now. I should go check. Nope.)
- Monsters, Inc.
- Raiders of the Lost Ark (I’ll check out any of them, but he second one still leaves me cold, even after years of trying to like it.)
- Buckaroo Banzai (Flawed, but an A+ for effort.)
- Key Largo (Bogart does his best work in this film.)
- Journey to the Center of the Earth (I refuse to eat goose pate even to this day. Poor Gertrude.)
- Jaws
- Five Million Years to Earth (Part of the Hammer Quartermass series. A childhood favorite that I still cherish today.)
- Mysterious Island (I don’t care if it ignores the book. I still hold it precious.)
- Firefox (Clint Eastwood speaking Russian AND flying the fastest jet on the planet? Count me in!)
- Our Man Flint (Hey buddy, got a light? Oww!)
- To Sir With Love (Those schoolgirl days…)
- The Road Warrior (Not a big fan of the first Mad Max film, but I’ll always stop for this one and Beyond Thunderdome.)
- The Verdict (of the Newman/Redford team I always liked Paul Newman lots more)
- Army of Darkness (As well as Evil Dead 2)
- Blazing Saddles (As well as Silent Movie, Young Frankenstein, and The Producers.)
- Hair
- Johnny Dangerously
- Crimson Tide
- Around The World Under The Sea
- Silent Running (Bruce Dern as a creepy hippy trying to save the rainforest. Why not?)
- Dead Calm
- Magnum Force (Along with Dirty Harry. You got a problem with that? Well, do ya’ punk?)
- Return of the Living Dead (Smart and funny—what a combo!)
- Marooned (Gene Hackman is good in anything.)
- The Silencers (Any Matt Helm movie is worth a quick look.)
- The Birds (As well as most Hitchcock films.)
- Close Encounters of the Third Kind
- Poltergeist
- The French Connection
- Toy Story
- Slap Shot (Paul Newman at his cynical best.)
- Tobor the Great (Tobar is Robot spelled backward.)
- Inherit the Wind
- Robot Jox
- Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

But in the end I couldn't decide so we went and saw the new Star Trek movie again. Wow, was it better on the second viewing. The whole alternate Trek universe that J.J. Abrams cooked up really made sense this time.


I guess he finally snatched the pebble from Keye Luke's palm.....

Boy he sure kicked ass in Kill Bill. He'll be missed

After the last bombastic entry in the series, do we need another? Really?

I'm still digesting the last one.

Does whatever an iron can...part deux

Only a year or so to wait. Mmmm boy.

Did you ever feel...just...weird?

That's how I feel these days. Maybe I've having another heart attack or stroke. I dunno. I don't especially feel sick, but at the same time I don't feel well either. Perhaps it's depression. I suggested that to my shrink the other day and he thought I was feeling weird because I wasn't taking my meds first thing in the morning like I'm supposed. I tried that this morning and it's more of the same. I'm not stressed or anxious about anything special. Maybe it's because I'm off all my pain meds. I have pain, but I also can now recite the alphabet and do more than simple household tasks--which I was unable to when drugged up.

I'm broken. Is there a doctor in the house?


The many (4) faces of Ahnold...

Word is they're warming up for a Total Recall sequel. Who knows why, but since when has Hollywood needed a reason for doing things?

Hey, movie over...

This weekend Val and I set a new record--two movies in one weekend. Keep in mind that both of us are in sloth mode at the moment, thanks mostly to me. We interrupted watching last season of 24 on dvd to venture out and see Sam Raimi's Drag Me To Hell and Disney's UP. Both were special and spectacular for their own reasons. You can watch UP with a limited audience, but if you're going to see Hell try to see it with a crowded house. The more the better.


I just found out that my old cellmate Jim Higgins has bought himself a van. I've never owned a van, but if I did I know for a fact what I'd paint on the side of it. No lie. And I would be the coolest cat in town..


In my last post I suggested Robert Crais' novels for those looking for something to read. I would be remiss if I didn't also suggest another author I'm a big fan of--Lee Child's badass Reacher novels. There's about a dozen to keep you busy.

Wasting time, in a constructive way of course...

When I find myself unable to write, I read. These days I'm rereading the Robert Crais' Elvis Cole novels (along with the very tasty Demolition Angel). If you can't write (or draw Iron Man blasting the Blastarr) at the moment, or if you're just looking for a good read, give Crais a try..

If you can find him, you're a better man (or woman) than me...

A new way to waste my money...

Mighty Muggs are cool. I only have two of the Iron Men. The third is over a hundred bucks for some reason. I'll have to ask Santa for it.